Education & research

Do you have to model a complex logistic, production or service system and do you need full control over your simulation model? INCONTROL offers you affordable simulation software that is easy to learn and adapt to your specific needs. Enterprise Dynamics® is the simulation software tool that you are looking for.


INCONTROL offers solutions for a whole department, or just for single users. Enterprise Dynamics® comes with a large set of ready to use objects that can be used to model a wide range of processes, with which you can quickly set up a simulation model in your field of interest.

However, research projects often have very specific requirements which cannot be filled with only predefined components. Enterprise Dynamics® allows full access to the implementation of every object. You can modify existing objects to suit your specific needs or you can build your own objects from scratch if the situation requires that.

Enterprise Dynamics® can also interact with external applications in many ways, including ActiveX, XML and raw socket connections. There is also a GUI Builder which allows you to quickly develop a user interface.

Over the years INCONTROL has gained a lot of experience working with researchers. If you have any special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In education it is important to convey the principles of system dynamics in manufacturing and logistic processes without spending too much time getting to know a supporting software package. Since the curriculum time is generally limited and an attractive simulation tool, as well as informative and practical teaching materials, is vital to keep the attention of students,Enterprise Dynamics® 9 is exactly the tool for this purpose.


INCONTROL offers several courses that educators can attend to improve their knowledge to correctly build and analyze simulation models in Enterprise Dynamics®. Educators can also follow a special training that not only focuses on the software but also explains the teaching material supplied with the educational licenses and helps set up a course for their specific audience. This training course is an excellent opportunity to shorten the preparation time for a new course. See our training page for more information.

Enterprise Dynamics® Academy website

INCONTROL offers a special website dedicated to research and education. Here you can read about the latest developments of Enterprise Dynamics®, the available tutorials and teaching materials and get inspired by the simulation projects performed by students and researchers around the world. You will also find numerous downloadable case studies for use with Enterprise Dynamics®, complete with models and answers, and a Documentation & Help section full of tips, tricks and tutorials on specific topics.

Our experience

For more than 25 years Enterprise Dynamics® is used by many universities, higher education institutes, research institutes and companies all around the world. Besides developing software solutions and teaching materials for our academic customers, we have experience in teaching simulation courses at universities ourselves. We use this experience to keep improving our software and teaching material continuously.

If you have any questions on our educational products or the use of simulation in education & research, please contact us.


INCONTROL offers affordable Enterprise Dynamics® Student licenses to support students to do all their course work at home and to support them during an internship or graduation. Enterprise Dynamics® is a professional simulation tool to model any complex logistic, production or service system and it is easy to learn. Experienced INCONTROL simulation engineers, as well as the Enterprise Dynamics® Community, will support in all simulation related questionings and enable the user to quickly become a simulation professional.

Application areas and courses

Simulation can help predict the behavior of a system, optimize its performance and help in its design and implementation. Enterprise Dynamics® is the comprehensive and easy to use solution for all of these simulation challenges.

Discrete event simulation is taught to students in a wide range of subjects such as

  • industrial engineering
  • business and operational research
  • computer science
  • applied mathematics
  • logistics
  • economics and management
  • and many more

Be prepared for your professional career

Discrete event simulation is a proven technique that can help solve a wide variety of problems that companies encounter. Using Enterprise Dynamics® you will learn efficiently how to solve these complex problems with professional tools and you will be able to transfer this knowledge to future challenges at nearly all companies.

Enterprise Dynamics® Community

We believe it is important that students get the chance to learn more about simulation and can focus on solving their assignments. Besides the tutorials and examples to get you started with Enterprise Dynamics®, you can post your questions at our ED Community. Our simulation engineers make sure you will receive an informative response.

Internship or graduation?

Are you about to write your master thesis or are you planning to do an internship? Simulation projects are ideal. They are fun but challenging and will prepare you for your professional career.
Good simulation research requires high quality simulation software but also proper knowledge of the techniques needed to perform such a study. INCONTROL can assist you with both. Do not hesitate to contact us when you’re planning your project.