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Simulation projects are ideal. They are fun but challenging and will prepare you for your professional career. INCONTROL supports you with your internship or graduation project.


Do you need a 1-year full version of Enterprise Dynamics for your project then purchase the Enterprise Dynamics Student Pro license:

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INCONTROL believes it is important that students get the chance to learn more about simulation and can focus on solving their assignments. Become a member of our community and post your questions and share your knowledge at our Community. Our simulation engineers make sure you will receive an informative response.

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INCONTROL offers affordable Enterprise Dynamics® Student licenses to support students to do all their course work at home and to support them during an internship or graduation. To get started with simulation, students can download a free Enterprise Dynamics Student Starter license. This license is limited in model size but sufficient for basic course work:


To support students with more challenging simulation projects software for example during a graduation project. You can purchase the Enterprise Dynamics Student Pro license. This license comes without limitations in model size and offers the full Enterprise Dynamics functionality.

Learn the Basics

Quickly learn the basics of Enterprise Dynamics with the Enterprise Dynamics Tutorial: