INCONTROL Simulation Software

  optimize your business by improving efficiency, predictability and compliancy

Manufacturing & Production Simulation

optimize your production or assembly lines with Enterprise Dynamics®

Stadium & Arenas Simulation

get insight into pedestrian flows and bottlenecks in your stadium

Airport Passenger Flows Simulation

Pedestrian Dynamics® helps you shape the future of your airport

Improve your business with INCONTROL’s software and expertise, contributing to your …


Decision Processes

sharing results and insights of complex and unpredictable settings to you, your stakeholders, partners and clients

Design, Built, Test and Maintenance

gather, model, simulate, analyse data and present relevant information

Optimize Your Business Processes

streamline and integrate processes contributing to one time right deployment reducing time, effort and costs


Safety and Security

impact analyses, advise, improvement, train personnel, procedures including involvement of blue light services compliancy of your company policy and legislation

Enterprise Dynamics®

industry & logistic simulation platform and services

How Enterprise Dynamics can serve your industry

Pedestrian Dynamics®

crowd simulation & modelling software and services

How Pedestrian Dynamics can serve your industry

Simulation Platform as a Service

providing a comprehensive tool box, training, maintenance, advice and support