Close to 100 students of the Aalborg University in Demark have been trained by our partner Integrate in becoming logistic simulation experts. The training was part of the “Global Logistic Systems” program at the University.

During the 5-day training course all students were introduced to simulation. With this hands-on experience the students gained good knowledge of how Enterprise Dynamics can help them during their study and future career. Simulation Engineers of the future!

Aalborg University has been using Enterprise Dynamics Academy licenses for the past years with full support of our Danish partner Integrate.

“Enterprise Dynamics is much appreciated for teaching as well as research purposes. The flexible ED Classroom solution enables us to support students and researchers with a powerful tool to test and enhance understanding within modern operations and supply chain management. The easy and quick access to build simple models to show and illustrate various challenges and optimization possibilities is a key recommendation from students. Researches as well find Enterprise Dynamics indispensable as they can narrow down complex challenges and test reconfiguration and easily present valid and reliable results.” – Professor Hans Henrik Hvolby, Aalborg University