Industry & Logistics

The use of a strong simulation software is especially suitable within Industry & Logistics; daily challenges as decisions for or against investments e. g.

Public transport

The world rail market’s predicted rapid growth makes innovation indispensable to meet the future transport demand. Here, experts and decision makers are confronted with many uncertainties. Simulation aids in analyzing and conquering these kinds of uncertainties.

Crowd management

Pedestrian Dynamics® is a comprehensive crowd simulation software application. It is designed for the creation and execution of large pedestrian simulation models in complex infrastructures.

Education & research

INCONTROL offers affordable Enterprise Dynamics® Student licenses to support students to do all their course work at home and to support them during an internship or graduation. Enterprise Dynamics® is a professional simulation tool to model any complex logistic, production or service system and it is easy to learn. Experienced INCONTROL simulation engineers, as well as the Enterprise Dynamics® Community, will support in all simulation related questionings and enable the user to quickly become a simulation professional.