The world rail market will see steady growth for the foreseeable future.

Innovative measures are necessary to cope with this projected growth of transport demand. If traditional measures have been utilized already, rail operators and infra managers will have to focus on innovative approaches. However, the impact of innovations brings uncertainty to the decision makers and experts involved. Simulation can be used to significantly reduce this uncertainty.

As rail utilization increases, optimization of the capacity allocation is vital in the railway industry. Using railway simulators, planners can improve their capacity analysis. Nevertheless, a highly utilized railway network will be vulnerable to disturbances.

Railway simulation

Railway simulation is a very effective method to assess the robustness of timetables given certain disturbances. With the help of statistical and graphical output analysis, bottlenecks in both the timetable and infrastructure can easily be pinpointed. Besides rail network performance studies, our railway simulation solutions offer our customers to:

  • Test assumptions in design process of, for example, new rail infrastructure.
  • Enhance insight in the operations.
  • Development and testing of new operational rules and decision support.
  • Bridge the gap between strategy and operations.
  • Enhance timetable quality while maintaining the safety of passengers.
  • Reduce energy consumption by designing new driving strategies.
  • Training of train traffic controllers and train drivers.

Crowd simulation on public transport terminals

INCONTROL offers a state-of-the-art simulation solution to combine railway simulation with crowd simulation on railway stations and public transport terminals. This solution enables our customers to:

  • Incorporate rail infrastructure and timetables in the terminal design.
  • Gain insight in the effects of changes in the track allocation of trains on passenger flows.
  • Enhance safety by developing and testing passenger evacuation plans.
  • Increase passenger satisfaction by improving pedestrian flows on railway stations.
  • Identify the commercial attractiveness of terminal locations by flow measurements.

With decades of railway experience and knowledge INCONTROL Simulation Solutions has proven itself in the rail market and is therefore a great consultancy- and implementation partner.

Contact us to find out how your rail & public transport system can benefit from the use of our simulation products!

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